“I express my gratitude to CABM for grooming me to become a better sportsman. I am eager to contribute my share in the growth of CABM by improving my level of game. Despite being 100% visually disabled since birth, I have participated in multiple prestigious events like the India – Austrailia Series held in 2014, 4th ODI World Cup held in 2014 at South Africa, Asia Cup 2016 held at Kochi, India, India-Srilanka Bilateral Series 2018 in Srilanka, India- England-Srilanka Triangular series 2018 held in India and India-Srilanka Series 2018 held in India. My performances in important State, Zonal, National and International tournaments have been recognized with multiple awards like ‘Man of the Series’ title for the India-Australia series and many Man of the Matches and Series in Local tournaments. These opportunities have helped me build confidence in my abilities and even helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. I am thankful to CABM for making me a STAR.”

Amol Karche

“That’s how my village got not only a partially blind cricketer, but a female cricketer. Many people said that girls are not supposed to hold a bat in their hands but do household chores. Instead my family supported wholeheartedly towards my passion. They knew that my sport was not wrong or disgraceful. My sport was my strength.”  Further she mentioned that give blind a chance to prove themselves. Give girls a chance to prove themselves. Give everyone, no matter what their background, a chance to prove themselves. Sports can give us all an equal playing field.”

“Chandrakala represents from Pune, West Maharashtra Division. She plays in B3 category (Vision up to 6 to 8 meters). Since 2018 she is the Captain of Pune Team. Her association with CABM is from 2017. This gave a new dimension to her game. Not only making her own identity as a fantastic player but also spreading a word about CABM activities. Due to various coaching and training sessions through proper trainers and best facilities this all and her hard work has rewarded her to represent in B3 category from Maharashtra Women Team. Score which makes her nostalgic is 96 runs in 80 balls. In her playing carrier till date she has taken 12 wickets. Her best moment in cricketing carrier is when Pune stood runner up in the State level held in 2018.”

Chandrakala Shirtode

“That age is just a number, where there is a will there is a way. He has also showed gratitude towards CABM for giving him an opportunity to help him gain more knowledge and develop his leadership qualities. He feels proud to be a part of CABM, as a representative for Mumbai division.”

Charles Rao

“Disability isn’t a euphemism for someone who isn’t able to achieve something different. It’s just a word that differentiates you from the rest not necessarily in a negative way. The way you are different depends on you. You must achieve so much that people forget your disability and start adoring your ability to achieve something which they thought was impossible.”

Shafi Shaikh

“Beyond the boundary of sight.” Also he adds that the stereotypical approach towards blindness and other disabilities still remains the same among other colleges, and society in general. If people could change their mindset about disabled people not being “normal”, there will be a great wave of change, which will motivate them to feel independent and complete. I believe that this change is not far away.

Tushar Valand